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Couch Potatoes Without a Cause
SciFi channel, where did the love go. 
13th-Jan-2007 09:53 pm

SciFi channel you have let me down again. You were my favorite channel for years but I feel our relationship coming to an end. In the past you always did me well. When I wanted to see interesting shows that I could not find anywhere else you were there for me. Beckoning me to the little screen to get my fill of the strange and bizarre. But then you began to slip, to lose yourself in these poorly made low budget made for SciFi channel movies. First came my disappointment in your remake of Dune, something I told you did not need to be done. But did you listen to me? No. You did it anyway and look at how it turned out.Then it was you blatant mistreatment of the EarthSea series. It was so bad I had to go back and re-read the books in order to get it out of my mind. And now, now you dare to touch something that was out of your league, Grendel, or should I say the story of Beowulf. Once again you messed with the story, applied bad special effects, and had the untried Director Nick Lyons direct this mess. It was only his fourth time in the Directors chair and he has gotten no better then he was when he did his first movie back in 1997, Hellchild for USA. You had as much right to touch the story of Beowulf as you would have the Lord Of The Rings. Maybe Petter Jackson could have done it with enough money, but you? Please, just what were you thinking? But I will give you one more chance SciFi channel, just one more. On Jan 21 you will be showing the Dresden Files created by Jim Butcher. I like these books and if you mess them up for me I am afraid our relationship will have come to an end. You will need to pack your bags and move on your merry way. Because I for one no longer feel the love.

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