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24th-Jun-2007 08:42 pm - jeebus, don't you people ever shut up

anybody still looking here? now that the network seasons are pretty much done, what's everybody watching these days?

i've been recording episodes of aqua teen hunger force on the DVR, this new season (?? i haven't been keeping up, i just know they're episodes i haven't seen before) is hilarious!

Beyond the Buzz
Hi! There's a new movie that's premiering at the festival called "Americanizing Shelley" and the Director has contacted me to see if I could find any volunteers to put up posters or hand out fliers in the week leading up to the premiere. (April 27th is the premiere date.)

You can see more about the movie here: Americanizing Shelleyand it's already gotten a lot of critical praise. It stars Beau Bridges, Wil Wheaton and Namrata Singh Gujal.

The Director of the movie, Lorraine Senna, has also directed "The Sopranos", "Babylon 5", "Lois & Clark" and about a million other things and she has said she'd love to spend some time with the people who volunteer to help out. That's on top of the free tickets to the movie screening. So it's a chance to meet an awesome Hollywood Director and see a movie for free...

If anyone's interested or has any questions, you can email me at info @ beyondthebuzzmarketing . com (without the spaces!) and just put Nashville Film in the subject line.


x-posting to a couple of places, so apologies ahead of time if your flist gets cluttered!
13th-Jan-2007 09:53 pm - SciFi channel, where did the love go.

SciFi channel you have let me down again. You were my favorite channel for years but I feel our relationship coming to an end. In the past you always did me well. When I wanted to see interesting shows that I could not find anywhere else you were there for me. Beckoning me to the little screen to get my fill of the strange and bizarre. But then you began to slip, to lose yourself in these poorly made low budget made for SciFi channel movies. First came my disappointment in your remake of Dune, something I told you did not need to be done. But did you listen to me? No. You did it anyway and look at how it turned out.Then it was you blatant mistreatment of the EarthSea series. It was so bad I had to go back and re-read the books in order to get it out of my mind. And now, now you dare to touch something that was out of your league, Grendel, or should I say the story of Beowulf. Once again you messed with the story, applied bad special effects, and had the untried Director Nick Lyons direct this mess. It was only his fourth time in the Directors chair and he has gotten no better then he was when he did his first movie back in 1997, Hellchild for USA. You had as much right to touch the story of Beowulf as you would have the Lord Of The Rings. Maybe Petter Jackson could have done it with enough money, but you? Please, just what were you thinking? But I will give you one more chance SciFi channel, just one more. On Jan 21 you will be showing the Dresden Files created by Jim Butcher. I like these books and if you mess them up for me I am afraid our relationship will have come to an end. You will need to pack your bags and move on your merry way. Because I for one no longer feel the love.

31st-Aug-2006 09:41 pm - Lost TV opportunities
I've just caught Keen Eddie on DVD from Netflix (thank you Netflix). This was a really good show and I am sorry I didn't catch it when Fox first aired it, and I'm sorry it lasted only one, abbreviated season.

Someone in the comments section on IMdb's Keen Eddie page bitched and moaned about how "tasteless" Fox was. That got me thinking. The Simpsons, The X-Files, Millennium, Arrested Development, Action!, Keen Eddie, 24, House, Prison Break, Malcom in the Middle, The Bernie Mac Show, Firefly, Wanda at Large, Futurama, Space: Above and Beyond, Werewolf, hell the list goes on and on. And that's not counting the quality programing on FX: Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, The Shield, etc. I know Fox may not let shows we like run long enough (I'm going to miss the hell out of Arrested Development) but is it because Fox, who had the balls to actually put some of these very risky shows on the air (Action! is still, by any standard, and envelope pusher of the South Park level and beyond since it was a broadcast net putting it up), is tasteless? Who's tasteless, really? Fox or the American public who fail to tune in and support quality television? Granted, Firefly barely got into orbit before it was shot down, and Action! (another I finally caught on DVD) was cancelled far too soon. Fox has let other shows play out too long and the creative teams squandered that opportunity by becoming stale (Malcom in the Middle and The X-Files are prime examples).

What is a network to do? The networks are funded by ad revenue which is generated by audience. Everyone knows this. The formula's pretty simple. Bigger audience means companies are willing to front more money to show their product to that larger audience which, in turn, means more money for production and profit. This is one reason why Fox has done so much with "reality" programing. I know I could do without the next So You Think You Can Be a Celebrity Mime Who Wants to Marry a Trailer-Park Redneck, but there's apparently a large group of viewers who are willing to watch such detritus. Do I need to remind anyone that millions - MILLIONS - (myself included) tune in to watch a mean-spirited Brit rip into a group of karaoke singers?

A network can effect the popularity of a show by promoting it, definitely. Was there enough promotional money behind the likes of Firefly? Definitely not. But Dark Angel had oodles of promotion and still failed. So what's the trigger? 24 got a bit of promotion before it premiered, but it was it's solid performance in the ratings (and very likely Keifer's involvement) that made the execs decide to put more promotion dollars behind it. Take The X-Files as another example. Hell, before season one, the words "The X-Files - The Truth is Out There. This fall on Fox" flashing for no more than a fifteen second ad was about all The X-Files got. I didn't even know it was going to be fictional. I thought it was going to be a paranormal version of Cops or another In Search Of-type show. Maybe the mystery is what got viewers to tune in. Who knows?

I don't think Fox is tateless or stupid. I hate the practice of cancelling shows without warning, before a story arc is realized, but that's the nature of network television. Fox isn't the only net to drop a great show too soon? Can anyone say Farscape? Carnivale? Dead Like Me? Nor is this a symptom of the "current state of television." Remember Star Trek only got three seasons, and had to struggle with low ratings throughout that run. These things aren't decided on artistic merit, but bottom line realities. I can't fault a network for cutting it's losses on a series that may be the best most intelligent thing ever to grace a coaxial cable, but fails to attract an audience for whatever reason.
31st-Aug-2006 08:18 pm - Us or them?
I have to wonder, how stupid do television writers think we are? Did they think we wouldn't notice how lame their stories are, or is it that they're the idiots and think they excrete gold bricks?

I've never been a huge fan of the CSIs. I enjoyed season one of the first CSI. Grissom, Warrick, Bellows, all of them solid characters and the show had snappy dialogue and interesting visuals. I never mistook the show for a documentary or believed it employed anything more than a casual adherence to verisimilitude. Jargon has become the new realism; have an actor recite some words he can barely pronounce and all of a sudden he's an expert in whatever. It's smoke and mirrors work, but it's entertaining. At least it's entertaining until the writers decide they can do no wrong and begin talking down to the audience.

"What is he talking about?" you ask. I hear you. Let me explain my ire.

Bored this week, I settled on the last few minutes of a CSI: Miami rerun. I enjoy watching the lovely Emily Procter, even if David Caruso is as one-note as he ever was (boy was leaving NYPD Blue a blessing for him as it would have become very apparent how much he was outclassed by Dennis Franz). Anywho, the episode was called "10-7" and it was the season 3 finale (who says I can't do research) and it involved, I don't know, some Arab bomber thing. I cut it on and Caruso and friends are rushing some Middle Eastern-looking guy trying to escape on a helicopter. Guy throws down on Caruso and earns two in the chest. Now mind you, there is a bomb disposal unit right there. The director takes time to cut away from Caruso's mug to show them at least once, maybe twice: three guys in tons of gear and even one of those bomb-disarming robots. But apparently "Horatio" sent out an interoffice memo that he's the only one allowed to disarm the bomb, with his bitchy little hispanic acolyte looking on in gape-mouthed awe, because not one of these "bomb experts" charge forward shouting "Get back! You're not even wearing a flak jacket, dumbass!" They stand and watch with as much mouth-breathing adoration as Bitchy Acolyte (so named because every episode I catch he looks like someone stole his toys and is always bitching at the other acolyte who looks like a pale imitation of the rookie on the Las Vegas shows). So here's Caruso, looking very intense and knowledgeable with his head perpetually cocked to the side like he's got a spinal cord issue. And after much ham-fisted posing he disarms the bomb and Miami is once again saved by this paragon of men. Only then do the bomb disposal guys get in action and start moving toward the bomb.

Another gem from this turd of episodic TV: what I can only assume is a bad cop, shoots himself on the firing range while the lovely Emily Procter looks on as if he just told her he had herpes and maybe they should put off the whole dating thing. This was not the stupid part. Later, near the end of the episode, we see Khandi Alexander ruling the death a suicide (ya think?) and then cut to the lovely Emily Procter on the firing range and she can't seem to make herself pull the trigger. She takes aim and a drop of blood falls on her sleeve. The camera tilts up and we get to see bad-cop brains above her. sigh Do I have to explain how stupid this is, how stupid the writers have to think we are to assume we'll find this the least bit believable. ITS A CRIME LAB. Their sole purpose is to collect evidence and someone just failed to notice all that evidence clinging to the ceiling and NOT falling until the lovely Emily Procter just happens to be standing beneath it? Assuming the CSIs miss it, what kind of crappy cleaning service does Dade County employ that they'd leave that kind of mess?

This isn't merely pandering to the audience for cheap emotional cues, it's bad writing. I'm pretty easy going. I don't mind that all the CSI series put the lab guys in interrogation rooms with suspects. I can suspend disbelief for the dramatic effect of seeing Grissom perry-mason a guy in the interview room. I know from an actual lab guy with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that they use their equipment all wrong, but I chalk that up to that whole professional snobbery that has cops bitching about how Brad Pitt holds his gun to my Dad hating Gomer Pyle because "Marines aren't like that" to mob guys griping that The Sopranos doesn't ring true. But this episode of CSI:M was just stupid and asked me to be stupid too, and I really don't like that.

Emily Procter is quite lovely, by the way.
8th-Aug-2006 07:28 am - I may need professional help
I watched Flavor of Love 2. I couldn't help it. I was appalled and disgusted but still I kept watching. *sigh* I'm pathetic!
8th-Jun-2006 11:28 pm - For Lenny...
"20th Century Fox has announced that it will bring it's TV hit show "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland to the big screen."

One long-ass movie or what?
30th-May-2006 10:23 pm - Fun With Dick And Jane
Just saw Fun With Dick And Jane. It was kind of flat but well worth it just for the credits at the end. And that's all I have to say about it. :)
29th-May-2006 09:33 pm - Blade Runner back on DVD
It's about time! Blade Runner is an excellent film and while I enjoy the Director's Cut that came out in 1992, it'll be nice to finally get the original theatrical release, with that Sam Spade narration from Ford.

I may just have to break my no new DVD purchases rule for this one.
25th-May-2006 02:09 pm - Thank the gods that it is over...

I just read the following in CNN...

After Wednesday's show, runner-up McPhee said she hadn't expected to win and didn't have any regrets.

"It would really just be silly to feel bad for me at this point. I got a record deal, a new car," she said backstage.

McPhee said she planned to take a week off to see friends in New York and "go somewhere tropical" before embarking on the "American Idol" tour with Hicks and the other finalists.

As for the future, she said she wanted to model her career after Julia Roberts, and eventually go into movies and back to her musical-theater roots.

You know, she is going to go much farther then Hicks ever will.

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