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Middle Tennessee Film & Television

Couch Potatoes Without a Cause

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We love movies and TV. That about sums it up. We like talking about movies and TV. We sometimes get together to watch movies and TV. Do you like movies and TV? Whattaya know, so do we!

Rule #1: Do not talk about fight....wait....

Let me start over.

Rule #1: Movies like Wag the Dog and shows like "The West Wing" deal with politics and political issues. This list does not. Discussing that movie or that show is fine. Arguing Roe v. Wade and the merits of Socialism is not cool.

Rule #2: Movies like The Passion of the Christ and shows like "Joan of Arcadia" deal with religion and religious issues. This list does not. Discussing that movie or that show is fine. Arguing the existance or non-existance of God or gods and Evolution vs. Creationism is not cool.

Rule #3: BE COOL. (not the movie) All language is cool, but abusive attitudes are not.

Rule #4: I am not your mommy and I do not care if your feelings get hurt. This is not a kiddie-safe list and I will not coddle whiners.

Rule #5: ANY TV or movie is fair game, from Bambi to Anal Invaders 4 (I just made that up but $10 says there's a DVD out there with that title), and from "SpongeBob SquarePants" to, well... "SpongeBob SquarePants."

Rule #6: I don't have any more rules, but I was feeling a rhythm so I went with it.

Welcome. Please turn off your cell phones. Please be quiet during the show, unless you have a really funny comment, the movie sucks, or both. Kick back and enjoy our air conditioning. Refreshments are readilly available, assuming you have the funds. Enjoy the show.